Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smarter Work Load Management Tool

I don't think that Work Load Management terms are anything new to us! There are loads of load balancing software tools available...These are required tools for providing scalability for your business applications running on different or same hardwares... providing horizontal scaling.

I know that Oracle Tuxedo provides clustering mechanisms that would route the incoming requests across a cluster of servers configured... in a round robin fashion or may be in some pre-determined fashion... So to scale your applications, cluster whatever machines you have (same or different hardware), deploy your application in each of them, job done, do you think?... well you may just run in to various problems if you do that!

There is more towards work load management tool these days than just to route the work!. That's why I call them as a Smarter Work Load Management tool... Say for instance it is very unlikely to have all the hardware machines on which your applications deployed are of the same horse power, and what if you wanted to make old systems to take part of the same cluster but doing relatively less load of work that the rest powerful machines? What if you want to route requests based on the data that is incoming (say route to a Geo specific server)? What if you wanted to take some machines out of the clusters for maintenance dynamically without stopping or interrupting your business? What if you wanted to send only certain number of requests irrespective of how powerful the machines are (partitioning)... Well there are loads of intuitive reasons such as these, which makes a primitive work load management tool inefficient, if not all, in most of the deployment scenarios. Doesn't addressing these make a smarter work load management tool?.

Answers to the above questions is what you would find as a feature in the Websphere TXSeries CICS software...With a license of TXSeries in hand, you get a fully functional Work Load Management tool with no additional cost... so when your business grows or want to scale your applications horizontally, you don't need to worry on buying additional tools/softwares. There are numerous ways you can configure the WLM tool in TXSeries, which makes it more appealing and flexible in a clustered environment. A true value for money feature!

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